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24/7 Light to Heavy Duty Towing

Hannibal, Bowling Green, or New London

24/7 Towing and Roadside Assistance

We are ready to help stranded motorists, offering roadside assistance around the clock, 365 days per year.

30 Years of Experience in Vehicle Recovery

At Heartland Auto Body and Towing in Hannibal, MO, we provide quality towing and repair services for vehicles, from small automobiles to the largest trailers.

World-Class Standards

Our organization is committed to providing you with exceptional vehicle repair and recovery solutions. With our experienced staff and first-class resources, you can be assured of satisfying results every time.

We’ll Be There for You

It doesn’t matter if your car slid into a ditch on the coldest night of the year, or if your truck blew 3 tires on the highway during rush hour. Our team of certified Wreckmaster tow operators will take care of everything. We offer you peace of mind, every minute of the day.