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24-HR Towing and Roadside Assistance in Hannibal, MO

Accidents and breakdowns can happen at any time and any place. There is no telling when your vehicle may need towing to a mechanic’s shop, making it vital that you know who you can turn to in a pinch.

At Heartland Auto Body and Towing, we offer quality and recovery services for residential, commercial and industrial vehicles in Hannibal, MO and surrounding areas. No matter the time or day, our 24 hour roadside assistance team will be there for you!

Our Fleet

We have a wide range of quality vehicle recovery and transportation equipment that is guaranteed to be able to safely recover and secure your vehicle, regardless of where the breakdown or accident occurred.

Check out some of our valuable equipment:

2015 Kenworth Flatbed

We use this to transport many vehicles that are no longer road-safe. If you are in doubt, ask one of our recovery specialists. We have the experience necessary to tell you if it is safe to drive your vehicle to a service station.

2004 Freightliner With 35-Ton Wrecker

This is one of our heaviest pieces of equipment, used when handling commercial or industrial vehicles that have broken down or been involved in an accident.

Freightliner With 16-Ton Wrecker

Perfect for larger personal and commercial vehicles that have fallen down large embankments.


Keep yourself from facing liability due to debris left on the road with our quality wreck cleanup services.

48 Ft. Step Deck Trailer

If you are transporting something and the carrier breaks down, we can help you unload the items and continue on your way with our expansive equipment hauler.

Other Items and Services

In addition, we have air bags for situations involving air cushion recovery.

We stock a variety of items for quick repairs, including:

  • Air Fittings
  • Air Lines
  • Alternators
  • Brake Chambers
  • New and Recap Tires
  • Starters

For questions, contact us today by phone at 573-221-5856 or send us an email.